The Best Practices In Creating Apps For Android Tablets

The Best Practices In Creating Apps For Android Tablets

Creating programs for tablets involves special factors, though you will find commonalities to some phone application design. The best practices in creating apps for Android based tablets are :

Interface Design
Tablet screens have much more screen space available permitting interface to exhibit more details, while keeping the looks and ease from the handheld device. The Honeycomb Action Bar for Android based tablet programs is really a Multi-Purpose bar which supplies features which include navigation, overflow menu options and also the major benefit of supplying consistency in versions between phone and tablet programs.

The Manifest file Modifications
The Android Manifest file consists of all of the essential information from the application for that code to operate within the Android System. This manifest file ought to be up-to-date to clearly list features the applying would support and individuals based on named.

SQLite Databases
SQLite is really a lig
htweight transactional database engine that occupies little bit of disk storage and memory, so its an ideal option for creating databases on many mobile os's. Android provides full support for SQLite databases. Any database produced is going to be accessible by title to the class within the application, although not outdoors the application.

Data type integrity isn't maintained in SQLite i.e. something of the certain data type could be given inside a column of some other data type (put string within an integer and the other way around). Referential integrity isn't maintained in SQLite, there's no FOREIGN KEY constraints or JOIN claims. SQLite Full Unicode support is optional and never installed automatically.

Controlled Application Package Size
The finish method is shipped by means of a bundle file. This file is called as Android Package File (APK), that when set up in named will initiate the applying. The allowed package size within the Android marketplace for the ultimate Android Application Package (APK) file is 50 Megabytes.

When programs exceed this allowed limit, issues arise. A frequent solution with this is use a minimal group of assets to produce the applying after which download the relaxation from the image graphics specific towards the device from a credit card applicatoin server.

This process enables images to become up-to-date and add new target products without upgrading the applying, faster initial download and installation on all products.

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