Here's Application Should You Use

Application Should You Use

There are many Apps or applications available on the Google Play Store. But for the first time you need to download the Android Tablet frequently used applications. Each user can choose a different application, but 7 is definitely the application you need.

1. Facebook
Facebook is a social network that has the most users in the world. Although you rarely touch via Facebook, one day you will use it. The application is available for free on Google Play Store.

2. Twitter
Twitter is also one of the most popular social network facebook seerti. You one day will also use Twitter,
therefore these apps need to be downloaded. The apps can also be downloaded for free.

3. Pinterest
Pinterest is a new social networking, but it already has a lot of users. With Pinterest, you can upload and follow the photos / images of your favorite.

4. Adobe Photoshop Touch
Adobe Photoshop Touch is very useful for those who like to edit photos. This application has many features, even Adobe Creative Cloud and tutorials how to use it. This application is priced at: $ 9.99

5. MX Player
There are many media players available in the Play Store. But the most preferred MX Player because it has amazing features. You can play almost any video format with MX player and even supports subtitles.Serta features many other interesting features. MX Player is available in free and premium versions.

6. Dr.Web
All anti virus did a good job, but we prefer Dr.Web. You can set up a call with a block list.
Android Tablet Apps

7. Dropbox
Dropbox is one of the most well-known application to sync your files like documents and multimedia. You can access your files on all your Devices, and the official Dropbox website.

Many tablet users use the seven apps. Maybe it will be released a new application, but it will basically have the same functionality as the seven apps.

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