How Android Tablet Apps Developer Will Manage It ?

Obviously, Android Mobile phones have been in a requirement nowadays. However, Android tablet Computers seem like becoming the middle of attraction within the recent days. Its bigger screen and advanced functions allow it to be more adorable through the mobile customers.

Even though it is best to see technological advancement, it's making more burden with an Android application developer to produce two versions of Android application, one for that Android Mobile phones and the other one for that tablets.

Such scenario, it is extremely challenging for that Android Application developer to deal with fragmentation triggered through the tablet applications within the Android market. Apple seemed to be struggling with the same problem while developing the very first iPad application.

However, after thorough research, they could find the best way to optimize an array of apple iphone applications for that iPad. But, here speaking about Android market and also the scenario is extremely different here.

To begin with, Android Marketplace is already fragmented, and each Android application developer is very unhappy and angry with Google because it launches different versions every occasionally. Aside from this, you will find a number of other serious complications that actually downgrade the moral of 3rd party designers to construct quality tablet applications because of unavailability of numerous financial along with other assets to promote their application in various application stores.

So, how Google should proceed?

Today, Samsung Universe Tab is among the most difficult rivals because of its various features and preferred results. There's without doubt the pills are quickly becoming the face area for the future mobile technology. This will cause the professional android application developer to optimize applications for various mobile products and tablets.

While Apple is applying a methodological method of avoid clutter, Google also needs to impose some type of method for marketing their applications within the Android market. Google should monetize the Android market in a way which help clients to eliminate tearing in to the 1000's of applications within the Android Market not understanding which would easily fit in their demands & deeds.

However, Google has lately introduced an anti-fragmentation tool. Google firmly thinks this tool will certainly assist the Android application developer to eliminate this fragmentation problem. This new group of APIs will empower Android application developer to easily and rapidly create Android applications for multiple products and applications developed with such APIs will even result in the application suitable for the older form of the Android Operating System.

This new library is made into Android 3. while offering an array of features towards the Android application developer.

So, performs this new anti-fragment tool help much a new in addition to professional Android application developer to handle and deal using the fragmentation problem? Well, that remains observed in the long run. By now Android Application designers already are struggling with various fragmentation difficulties with quickly growing quantity of Android products, and tablet applications further fragment the Android market without a doubt. All the best inside your next Android Application development venture.

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